Import and Customs Duties

You are purchasing our handmade items directly from Thailand, formerly known as Siam.

Depending on the product, the value of your purchase, the shipping method, and your country, import duties may or may not apply. The delivery by postal mail is quite easy. Generally, if there is any payment to be made, the post office will inform you and directly receive any due amount.

As per standard practice, importation duties, value added tax, any quotas or permits are the responsibility of the buyer. It is good to be aware of such costs before making your purchase.

For details straight from those who deal with these matters in your country, it's a good idea call your post office or your friendly customs /tariff office.

Looking It Up

You can also look it up on the web. Check your country's customs service web site for exemptions for low value international online purchases. If you think import duties do apply, check the product's global six digit Harmonized System (HS) code, then look this code up in your customs service's import duty list.

Examples EU, US and Australia

EU Customs Sources

A Taxation and Customs introduction leads to details on Buying Online, specifically Buying Products: "Customs Duty is not due for goods, provided directly to the buyer when their value does not exceed 150 euros." Value is defined as product, insurance and shipping together.

Meaning, generally no import duty is charged for items whose price, insurance and shipping value is under 150 euros. VAT is applicable.

In case import duty is applicable see the Business introduction leading to Calculation of Import Duties. In the WCO HS Nomenclature look up the product's HS code. Enter the code without dots, and the country of origin (Thailand) into the TARIC database.

Result: Duty free for all products if total value under 150 euros. Above this value: Umbrellas are in Section 12, Chapter 66. HS code is 6601.10. Duty rate is 4.7%. VAT applies according to country.

Your friendly customs officer as the final say.

US Customs Sources

A Basic Import Export introduction leads to details on Internet Purchases, section International Postal Mail: "Packages whose declared value is under $200 ($100 if being sent as a gift to someone other than the purchaser) will generally be cleared without any additional paperwork prepared by CBP."

Meaning, generally no import duty or sales tax is charged for items with declared value under $200 shipped by postal mail.

In case import duty is applicable see the introduction to Determining Duty Rates and the US Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS). The "General Notes" preceding Section 1 explain country/duty columns. Column 1 is Normal countries, column 2 is Penalty countries North Korea and Cuba. The Normal countries are divided between those who did not sign a US trade agreement (General) and those who signed TPP or NAFTA (Special). Thailand has not signed the TPP: Column 1, General. All products are listed in Sections 1-22.

Result: Duty free if shipped postal mail, product value under $200. Above this value: Umbrellas are in Section 12, Chapter 66. HTS code is 6601.10.00. Column 1, General. Duty rate is 6.5%. Sales tax does not apply.

Your friendly customs officer has the final say.

Australia Customs Sources

A Department of Immigration and Border Protection web site Individuals and Travellers section leads to details on Importing or Buying from Overseas, then Buying over the Internet. The first thing "you need to know": "For goods that are worth equal to or under AUD1,000, there are no duties, taxes or charges to pay." :)

Another thing to know is about Biosecurity. At the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources enter the products material into the Bicon database and drill it down. You can also use the product's HS code (with somewhat different result).

To look up the import duty see the bottom of the Department of Immigration and Border PrDepartment of Immigration and Border Protection web site, menu section Agents and Trade Professionals. Go to to Tariff Classification of Goods, then Working Tariff. Now we need to look up the product HS code in three lists: the general list of tariffs (Schedule 3) which shows the normal duty rate, then Thai products (Schedule 6) and ASEAN-AANZ products (Schedule 8) to check lower duty or duty free.

Result: Duty free if total value under AUD1,000, with biodiversity measures decided upon inspection, if inspected. Above this value: Umbrellas are in Schedule 3 (normal duties), Section 12, Chapter 66. HS code is 6601.10.00. Duty rate is 5% and biodiversity measures (treatment rules) apply. GST 10% applies.

Your friendly customs officer has the final say.

However!!! Due to the biodiversity requirements in Australia and New Zealand, we do not ship to Australia and New Zealand by shopping cart. Simply contact us and we will get your order done with person to person communication. ::smiley::


Duty-free or low-duty importation may require specific export documentation. We supply this export documentation upon request, free of charge.