Preview shipping cost

You can easily preview shipping cost before you make your decision. Just add your selection to the shopping cart, then proceed to the checkout page. You only need to fill in your country, then click the button "Click to calculate shipping". No further details are needed to preview shipping costs.

Shipping in short

For selections below 2 kg, we offer a discounted "Small Packet" rate. We recommend this option whenever it costs less than its counterpart "Parcel" method. For most locations, you can also choose between Economic Air Mail (SAL) and the somewhat faster, standard Air Mail. Please note that none of these post office shipping methods offer online tracking!

Shipping in detail

Your choice of shipping method generally depends on the criteria of cost and time. These are the details:

Economy Air Mail

Economy air mail shipping time is approximately 28 to 35 days, at a relatively low cost. This is a postal service shipping method and it uses a combination of both overland and air transport, avoiding the slow sea transit. In many places it is known as surface air-lifted mail, or SAL. The post office states a duration of around 21 days, yet experience shows that the actual delivery time is generally 28 to about 35 days. If this shipping method is not available for your area, it will not appear at checkout. Online tracking is not available for economic air mail.

Air Mail

If you require speedy delivery, air mail takes approximately 5 to 14 days at standard postal air rates. It exclusively uses air transport up to the closest main airport with postal facilities. The post office states a duration of up to 14 days, while our experience shows that the actual delivery is often faster. Online tracking is not available for postal air mail.

For these two shipping methods there are two package options:

Small Packet

The Small Packet is our recommended package option as long as it shows good cost savings compared with the standard Parcel. The Small Packet is a special low rate choice for small consignments up to 2 kg. To use the Small Packet rate, the package must be formally "open". To achieve this, the package is either not fully sealed, or have one opening or perforation, through which contents are partially visible. The latter is the method we use to qualify for Small Packet status. Small Packets usually have best cost/weight ratio up to about 1.5 kg, while this varies according to destination. If your selection is over 2 kg, this option is not available at checkout.


The standard shipping package is the Parcel. It may weigh to up to 30 kg, depending on destination. The Parcel is usually fully closed. Rates follow standard postal Parcel shipping costs.

Your choice of shipping method...

Our shopping cart will calculate the above combination of shipping methods and package options. It activates a button for the first shipping method and package option shown at checkout. Please feel free to select the shipping option that suits your needs best from any of the four choices.

In case you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. On standard working days, you will receive our response within 1 - 24 hours.