Banana Paper Greeting Cards - Pride of Barbados

Image: Banana Paper Greeting Cards - Pride of Barbados, Spotted Dracaena

A natural, attractive, eco-friendly greeting card. Individually created from handmade banana paper.

Set options:
- Set of 6 cards, 7 matching envelopes
- Set of 12 cards, 14 matching envelopes

Card details:
12x16.5 cm (4⅝x6½"), net weight 17 gram (0.6 ounce).
Double-folded, with inner leaf.

Production time: 10-12 days

Pride of Barbados with Gold Dust Dracaena and Merkus Pine
Scientific name: Caesalpinia pulcherrima, Dracaena surculosa and Pinus merkusii
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Banana Paper Greeting Cards