Carved Soap Flower Set: Sacred Lotus, Lotus, Chrysanthemum

Image: Carved Soap Flower - Sacred Lotus in white
Image: Carved Soap Flower - Lotus in pinkImage: Carved Soap Flower - Chrysanthemum in yellow

This item contains:

3 Flower types in a set of 27 soap flowers

9 pieces - Sacred Lotus in white
9 pieces - Lotus in pink
9 pieces - Chrysanthemum in yellow

Choice of 2 soap flower cases:

- Mango wood with lacquered hand painted design
- Mango wood with embossed nickel design

Our images show the three soap flower types, Sacred Lotus in white, Lotus in pink, Chrysanthemum in yellow, in mango wood cases with embossed nickel design, without the embossed nickel lid.

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