Wire Art Motorcycle BigBob XC2

Image: Wire art motorbike BigBob XC2 in black

Model: BigBob XC2

An enormous bike measuring 57x19x27cm LWH and 1.3kg net weight. It's ou rlargest standard production bike. While a beautiful and very well-made motorcycle, it firstly attracts attention due to its sheer size. Put it anywhere, and friends, family and strangers alike will converge to study it. It's a solo seater, with a larger version of the SoiGlider's power pack, two tubular V shaped cylinders with an overhead crossover tube.

Wire art motorcycle BigBob XC2 specifications:

  • 2 cylinder tubular V-type engine with crossover
  • three round engine & transmission compartments
  • black frame, four exhausts - two on each side
  • single seat with seat cover
  • single headlight, no rear lights
  • dual mirrors, side stand, no saddle bag option
  • 3/4 mag type wheels, metal rims, rubber tires; wheels are static (like all models)
  • dimensions lwh: 57x19x27 cm; net weight 1,300 gram, gross weight 1,550 gram

Production time: 14 days

The image shows the BigBob XC2 in black. One coke can was not sufficient to show its height but no others were available. Note that this can is not included. Choose your referred colour.