Wire Art Motorcycle Cobera SH2

Image: Wire art motorbike Cobera SH2 in violet

Model: Cobera SH2

The Cobera SH2, similar to its siblings MH2 and RH2, is a newer generation "bobber" type bike, featuring high handle bars, sloped tank, and a low seat.The SH1 is the largest and heaviest of the series and is bound to catch a lot of looks from bystanders. A good looking modern bike at a very good value. Saddle bags are optional.

Wire art motorcycle Cobera SH2 specifications:

  • 2 cylinder V-type engine, high tank with "Harvey" line on both sides
  • two round engine & transmission compartments, funnel compartment
  • black frame, double exhaust, one on each side with with short muffler
  • long sloped seat with seat cover
  • single headlight, no rear lights
  • dual mirrors, side stand, sidebars, with saddle bag option
  • wheels with cross-over spokes, white rim, front disc brake; wheels are static (like all models)
  • dimensions lwh: 31x16x19 cm; net weight 570 gram, gross weight 820 gram

Production time: 14 days

Shown is the Cobera SH2 in violet, without saddle bag. It has a saddle bag option and, as the other bikes in this series, you can select from seven colours.