Wire Art Motorcycle Essence MS1

Image: Wire art motorbike Essence MS1 in blue

Model: Essence MS1

The Essence MS1 motorcycle is an extremely good looking, sturdy, quality bike. It's small, strong and easy on the pocketbook. You can't go wrong with this model.

If you were ever to forget someone's birthday, it's the perfect present. Even when you tell the recipient that it's your own, she or he will appreciate that your'e giving something that you value and that you're attached to. And you can order a new one, too!

Wire art motorcycle Essence MS1 specifications:

  • 2 cylinder V-type engine, medium high tank
  • two engine & transmission compartments
  • double exhaust on the left side with short mufflers
  • single seat with bare essentials, strong lining, no luxurious seat cover
  • triple headlights, middle headlight large
  • no rear lights (you're faster than everyone else)
  • dual mirrors, side stand, no saddle bag, no saddle bag option
  • wheels in three mag type, metal color rims, mags in turned wire; wheels are static (like all models)
  • dimensions lwh: 24x12x15 cm; net weight 275 gram

Production time: 14 days

Don't forget to choose your colour. To order several Essence M1 motorbikes in different colours, just add them to your shopping cart.