Wire Art Motorcycle SoiGlider SS2

Image: Wire art motorbike SoiGlider SS2 in black

Model: SoiGlider SS2

The SoiGlider SS2 is a class of its own, a heavyweight with modified engine featuring tubular V shaped cylinders with an overhead crossover tube. Good for the rider and a buddy on long steady rides. High on short and long range comfort, this bike - while costly - is bound to attract the attention of each and every bystander.

Wire art motorcycle SoiGlider SS2 specifications:

  • 2 cylinder tubular V-type engine with crossover, medium high tank with "Harvey" line on both sides
  • three round engine & transmission compartments
  • single exhaust on each side with long mufflers
  • black metal coloured frame
  • single seat with seat cover
  • single headlight, two side front side lights
  • dual mirrors, side stand, sidebars, no rear lights, with saddle bag option
  • wheels with standard type spokes, metal color rims, solid rubber tires, front disc brake; wheels are static (like all models)
  • dimensions lwh: 34.5x16.5x19 cm; net weight 700 gram, gross weight 950 gram

Production time: 14 days

The SoiGlider SS2 is made by custom wire art motorbike specialists in north-eastern Thailand. It is one of AsiaCreations first motorcycle models from early 2003, and we take pride in showing you the image that we took back in those good ole days, in the middle of the production workshop. Back then, we did remove the background with Windows/Photoshop, while now we used Ubuntu/Gimp to update the text captions.

In today's production, the Thai-made SoiGlider SS2 remains a superb heavy bike, made by the same experienced specialists who produced it back in 2003.

The image below shows the SoiGlider SS2 in black. It also shows the optional saddle bags. You have a selection of seven colours and choice of with or without saddle bag.